8 febrero, 2019

Remarkable experience

I would like to share with you all our second experience in this geography, to start with a bit of context, Tunisia is situated on the Mediterranean  coast […]
8 febrero, 2019

Do you know who conducts the simphony of our being?

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28 enero, 2019

Conversational Intelligence

Cultural transformation powered by Conversational Intelligence I am enthusiastic to share my conviction that when any executive team makes a commitment towards leadership growth and development, […]
28 enero, 2019

On-line experience

AMAZING ON-LINE EXPERIENCE IN UNUSUAL LOCATIONS For those who often doubt if on-line evaluation can be trusted, we can not wait to share our experience assessing several […]
28 enero, 2019

A multi-cultural management experience

Earlier this year we started a great and challenging project with a Portuguese based multinational company in their transformation efforts. Regardlessof industry or geography, an organization´s success […]