A multi-cultural management experience

Earlier this year we started a great and challenging project with a Portuguese based multinational company in their transformation efforts. Regardlessof industry or geography, an organization´s success depends on its ability to identify and develop their leaders.

In today`s marketplace, talent is the most constrained resource, so the company with the best leadership talent is the company likely to succeed.

The first step was to gather specific information, to understand the culture and their capabilities. We run our TME (Talent Management Exercise) center at Lisbon as a stepping stone to build on the specific information that would help the company, not only to map their talent, but also help individuals to get insight and motivation in order to work on their development path and growth opportunities. This past May we delivered this individual exercise (TME) to their management team and we had the chance to get to know how it is like to live at Lisbon, being able to fully experience a culture with a lot of history and beautiful cities to visit and learn about.

Thumbs up to a wonderful experience and to our client Secil for understanding the importance and value of getting results through talent development!! Secil`s executive team is embarking on a vital phase in their growth.  

 The strategy is to build an dynamic company, making efforts to integrate their different geographies Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Tunisia and Lebanon with global tools and programs to build a platform for change and transformation, executing a robust strategy for growth and investing in a long term commitment.

 Another step was to deliver an Experience Change program (@experiencepoint) to enable leaders and managers practice leading change and engage with behaviors, tools, and skills to make change happen. This experience delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day program, enabling people to build a highly engaged culture of change.

We would like to share some pictures as a result of this experience that will continue as a process to reinforce the talent strategy by creating impactful practices to influence success.  

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