Conversational Intelligence

Cultural transformation powered by Conversational Intelligence

I am enthusiastic to share my conviction that when any executive team makes a commitment towards leadership growth and development, it sends a strong signal to the rest of the Organization, that they are committed to embrace an important cultural change. Secil, is undergoing a transformational process and is ready to build an organizational platform for a “Creating We¨ approach. This powerful methodology shapes a leadership development roadmap that helps build optimal competencies and skills throughout the organization to establish and execute solid strategies for success.

Secil Portugal, as part of this transformation initiative, launched a leadership development process that will provide leaders with new perspectives, frameworks, and tools to help them to better lead the enterprise, constructively meet challenges and co-create a new leadership language to assure that any initiative will move them together towards measurable results.

Consulting Now’s program, delivered by Sandra Hubert Gil and based on the body of work of Judith Glaser, combines frameworks, practices, and easy to use tools that will enable the leadership teams to create WE-centric engagement in the organization. This process results in enhanced cross-functional communication and the breakdown of silos, and creates a mindset and culture of collaboration, support, and trust.

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