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For those who often doubt if on-line evaluation can be trusted, we can not wait to share our experience assessing several leaders in the locations of Angola and Tunisia. The use of new technologies and wide spread access to high quality internet enables us to deliver capability assessments anywhere within our high standards.

In Consulting Now we don´t use self-paced tools, we use technology as a way to shorten distances.

In this experience we had to overcome cultural and languages barriers, we successfully delivered our Talent Management Exercise TME   in Angola using Portuguese and in Tunisia using French enriching ourselves with different perspectives on how to approach problems and challenges.  

Our secret lies in having trained consultants interacting with participants in an amused yet transparent way. We are delighted to share these experiences and encourage any enterprise compromised with a process of growth and transformation to take a chance on this methodology. We can assure you we will make your people feel comfortable and respected, which will enable their confidence.  Our service is complemented with the support we can give you and your team, anytime, during the day.

 We also delivered in Beirut (Lebanon) face-to-face, using English, understanding the circumstances of doing business in that location. Context information, Beirut is not exactly a popular destination for us, but I recently discovered firsthand, that those who do not dare visit this vibrant city, is missing an impressive experience. War is going on, just over the border, several religions coexist and give life to this incredible city filled with the most ancient history.

Local people are very friendly and most of them fluent in several languages. They speak French, Arabic, Armenian and English so we have the chance to delivered TME (Talent Management Exercise) in English in Sublime`s Plant. Although several communities in Lebanon share a similar ethnic background, their different religious beliefs play a role in their division in groups and that makes it really challenging to do business over there. 

The Lebanese people are spread all over the world. Since they have always been at the border between East and West, they often blend easily with the societies to which they migrate.

Regarding business, what we have learned is that they usually lead in a vertical way, they have quite strict and over-riding motives and feelings, with compelling reasons for taking urgent actions through an acute severe style.

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