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I would like to share with you all our second experience in this geography, to start with a bit of context, Tunisia is situated on the Mediterranean  coast of Northwest Africa and it shares borders with Algeria and Libya. The legal system is heavily influenced by French civil law, while the Law of Personal Status is based on Islamic law. They have a representative democracy, the official language is Arabic and most natives speak a dialect of Tunisian Arabic, and French language plays a major role in the society after their independence.

We used the Talent Management Exercise® (TME) on-line to evaluate and measure Talent for Development. It was a group of people from SCG, STE de cement de Gabès and It was deliver in French. They were well committed to the exercise in general and remained surprisingly open and friendly with the whole process and the feedback outcomes. They showed a thought focus approach to problem solving, good drive to get results and during the strategic presentation, they were able to display a customer orientation with clear actions and concise information to grow the business.  

This group of managers and supervisors were quite young and they showed themselves ready to do whatever was needed to analyze the different challenges presented. Also women have a clear role and it is good to recognize that the Code of Personal Status remains one of the most progressive civil codes in North Africa and in the Muslim world.

Tunisians actually enjoy a significant degree of religious freedom, which guarantees the freedom of thoughts and beliefs and that was clearly appreciated during our work. They were self-motivated, enjoyed a sense of challenge and accomplishment, they were able to set goals and went after them and would rather do things themselves than delegating them, displaying personal achievement and a sincere approach to development.

The creative simulated environment of the TME® – as a Management Exercise, allowed participants to show their strengths competencies, and those areas to focus on development.

In addition, they showed that everyone is becoming more and more concerned and aware about the crucial role people play in the success of the business, recognizing the importance of enhancing their soft skills, to be able to influence and persuade more, to address conflicts not only negotiate solutions and focus great effort to develop themselves and others.

When organizations use this kind of Management Exercises they have the information to build the right capabilities in their leaders and determine where to invest resources, to make Talent decisions more accurate.

It was a great on-line interaction, full of new ideas and expectations for development.  

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