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In the era of convergence, the neuroscience contributions and new technologies open spaces to new models and knowledge, using connectivity as another way to channel content and boost consulting interventions.

Measuring and assessing talent

Talent mapping

A tool that measures and integrates different dimensions of talent appraisal.

1. Leadership Experience. 2. Thinking process and problem solving approach. 3. Personality traits and motivations. 4. Decision making and conflict management style. 5. Emotional intelligence.

Through the integration of these dimensions and according to the leadership level to be evaluated, Talent Mapping is a powerful tool, and through our web based E-valuation platform, it can be used to assess potential, and on the other hand, including management exercises, it can be used to evaluate performance.

It is flexible and robust, it can also be tailored, selecting the instruments and tools that better adjust to what needs to be measured in each role. It can also be applied to multiple areas or functions in key processes such as selection, development or succession.

Talent Management Exercise (TME)

TME is a robust and objective process that enables Organizations to count on the most accurate information to make sound talent decisions. TME provides a clear understanding of the person’s strengths and development opportunities by recreating a simulation based work environment. We are able to select the scenario to build the context according to the leadership level. Definitely the outcome is a real picture of how people react to different situations, resolve problems and conflicts take decisions and clearly show personality traits and emotions involved in each decision.

It consists of:

Competency based interview Business simulations Personality surveys and working styles to conflict and problem solving Cognitive instruments

The integration of the diverse simulations and instruments brings a clear understanding of the capabilities, abilities, interests, and motivations. When properly identified, it enables us to accurately measure and predict performance. Each specific model reflects organizational roles ranging from first level leader to senior executive. TME has proven success in different cultures and geographies and can be delivered in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

Experience change

Experience change

Experience change invites participants to consider change as a process and not just as an event. It is a one-day workshop where the audience is divided into groups and invited to experience first-hand what it means to implement a change process from its conception and analysis, to its communication and implementation. Each group interacts with a simulated platform where they can appreciate the impact that their actions generate, receiving immediate feedback, encouraging exchange in the team and promoting an accelerated learning experience. Between each of the activities, theory interventions occur in order to underpin the basic concepts to be considered.

Fortune 500 establishes Experience Change to be the most reliable tool to back up this kind of processes.

“More than half of the world's top executive programs use Experience Change.” Financial Times 2012 Rankings
“The most effective day program I ever experienced.” Fortune 500 Energy Executive
Video: "Experience Change"
Experience Innovation

Experience Innovation

A program designed for people to be true players of their own future. Experience Innovation provides the needed tactics to exercise out of the box thinking and working with creative solutions, which enable to envision new opportunities and high impact innovative solutions.

It is focused on people, making use of design tools to integrate their needs, technological possibilities and business success requirements; It uses intuition and integrates emotions, using a team approach to face a realistic innovation project. Navigating through the innovation and design process, this simulation offers the essentials for an innovative challenge.

Focusing on the most important issues an expert leads the teams exploring different techniques. The questions that arise are addressed at that moment, oriented towards innovation and key behaviours.

“Four hours that could change your life!” Alison Drewell, VP Retail, VF Corporation
360° Solutions

Cross View 360° and 540°

A development tool that offers performance feedback, identifying strengths and development opportunities. An anonymous and confidential process that provides the perceptions of those whom we interact in our day to day: bosses, direct reports, peers and others.

Measures abilities and behaviours within a competency model, showing what aspects each person needs to develop in both personal and professional sides. Collects and reflects rich information about behaviour, communication and values, providing a broad view that facilitates self-awareness and setting up the foundation for building a personal development plan.

Extremely flexible can be costumed to different competency models, leadership levels and languages.

2nd View

This is a web-based process that measures the degree of performance improvement, just in those areas specifically selected for development.

In real sense, represents a behavioural result in the development investment. Gives people valuable and motivating feedback regarding how much others see their improvement. Also shows the company quantifiable information to gain insight into cultural barriers and what performance obstacles may still persist.

After selecting behaviours that were identified as development areas, the software creates a short questionnaire that acting as a 360° tool can collect feedback from others regarding the changes and improvement in the day to day activities.

Training solutions

Conversational Intelligence®

“Conversational Intelligence” is a program that provides concepts and dimensions based in neuroscience research, and allow us to identify the moment of contact that can determine the success or failure in interactions.

Conversational Intelligence practice the ability to master the power of connection to enhance our relationships with others – so we all become smarter at navigating our social highway. It is about how open we are to learning new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success.

Conversations are much more than the information we share, they are a way to exchange our feelings, and our view of the world. As leaders, we clearly need to understand the power of language in regulating how people feel and interact with each other and the role of language and how we connect to expand perspectives and create a “feel good” experience, to shape the workplace.

This experience program implies engaging in conversations, sharing and discovering other´s perspectives and stories and enlightening the conversational blind spots, to be able to achieve shared success, far beyond our imagination.

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Management Cycle

A one day program that provides the fundamental concepts for effective management results, covering the different steps of an effective Management cycle. From an integrated perspective, works through strategic thinking, the creative process and systems thinking, going over the decision making process, value chain and Performance Management.

Services Leadership

A program that promotes how to fine tune fundamental and relationship abilities to obtain the best results. Works through the transition to this type of leadership, developing a leader that can be a facilitator, visionary and service oriented.

Building trust in the Workpace® de Creating We

Thanks to neuroscience research, we can know for sure the needs that are behind our actions and how different brains react to our day to day interactions related to the different roles we have to play.

We aim to identify the different ways and possibilities for building trust, working with the “Arch of Engagement”, and how to generate alignment towards a shared vision.

We can create healthy environments where trust is the currency and success is the outcome.

Organizational Culture® DNA of leadership

In order to identify and understand the DNA of leadership, we look for dimensions and behaviours to be able to measure the essential features of the organizational culture, revealing the genetic code of interaction that shapes the environment and work together to get to the next level. Leverage Your Instincts to Communicate, Differentiate and Innovate.

Video: "The DNA of Leadership"


An individual development process that facilitates self-knowledge and personal growth, focusing on priorities, leveraging the career path and taking it to the next level. Builds a space where abilities and potential are displayed to enable change and generate new ways of addressing future and present challenges.

The objective of coaching is to enhance people’s work effectiveness and boost their ability to contribute as new challenges as opportunities arise. It is a reciprocal relationship in which both parties actively participate and It is based in a trustful relationship. A coach’s ultimate objective is to personalize the coaching accordingly.

Coaching is part of a personalized and confidential process that emphasizes learning, taking concepts to concrete actions allowing:

Identify effective ways of using abilities to improve professional management Put in practice and make improvements in a guided context Enable a suitable transfer of learning to the day to day

Services include individual executive coaching, designed for top management leaders and personalized coaching according to individual needs.

Team coaching

Works mainly with team interactions, understanding and acknowledging the different styles and profiles that form a team, ways of exchanging information, facilitating communication, building trust and common values.

Customized and adjusted to specific needs, uses tools to foster understanding and active learning.